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Hosting a Virtual Baby Shower

Hosting a Virtual Baby Shower

Lockdown has really put a damper on things, hasn’t it? Everywhere was shut, social gatherings banned, and parties cancelled! Even a walk with your friends was put on hold. But just because gathering for parties is banned doesn’t mean your Baby Shower can’t still go ahead. Thanks to modern technology we can stay connected more than ever. Whether it’s a FaceTime chat, a WhatsApp message, or even a Facebook Messenger Video Call, we’re only ever a few clicks away from our friends. People from all around the world have found ways to adapt to this new normal and so are we! So here are some of our tips for Hosting a Virtual Baby Shower. Let’s get straight into them!


Choosing Your Method

As we’ve mentioned above there are a number of options you can use for Hosting your Virtual Baby Shower. Whether it’s FaceTime which requires each participant to have an Apple product, WhatsApp which limits video chat to 8 people, Facebook Messenger for up to 50 people, or even Zoom which holds up to 100 people but at a 40 minute time limit, these all have their own pros and cons. So test them all out before the party and see which one works best for your group.


Let’s Play Some Games

You might think that games can’t be a part of the Virtual Baby Shower but that isn’t the case. There are so many games you can play, even while on a Video Call. Just bear in mind that some may need to be adapted to suit the new situation. Baby Shower Recall is a fantastic example. Instead of having a basket full of baby items, the host can instead call out a list of items, and the guests must write down as many as they can remember. Another option is Don’t Say Baby. Each guest can find five random items around their home instead of using clothes pegs. You get the idea, right ladies? Well then here are a few more options that you can adapt to Hosting a Virtual Baby Shower:


Opening Gifts

Ladies, we all know a big part of any Baby Shower is when the mummy-to-be opens the gifts people got her. That can still be a part of your Virtual Baby Shower. You’ve got two options which will work well.

  • Guests can send their gifts by post to the mummy-to-be prior to the Baby Shower so that she can open them on the Video Call.
  • Guests can show their gifts on the Video Call and send them to the mummy-to-be at a later date.

Whichever option you choose, it will no doubt be a great time for the mummy-to-be and all of her guests.


So ladies, this is our guide to Hosting a Virtual Baby Shower. If you go with this option then we have no doubt it will be a fantastic experience for the mummy-to-be and she will really appreciate the effort. After all, if social distancing is our new normal then we must make the most of it, right?


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