What is a Baby Shower?

What is a baby shower?

A Baby Shower is a party held to celebrate the coming birth of a new baby.  The Mum-to-Be is “showered” with gifts and favours.  Baby Showers are hugely popular in America and UK but now they’ve hit Ireland!  Read on to discover how to plan the perfect Baby Shower.

Who Organises the Baby Shower?

Baby Showers are traditionally girls only affairs and anyone can host it except the Mum-to-Be.

Baby Showers can be organised by friends, work and colleagues, relatives . . . and although it’s meant only to be for the girls, it’s becoming more popular for husbands and partners to come along as well.

Baby showerWhen should it take place?

Sometime in the last trimester, about a month before the due date is usually a good time.  It’s best to consult with the Mum-to-Be to make sure that it doesn’t clash with any prior appointments she may have.

Where should it take place?

It can be anywhere you want it to be – apart from the Mum-to-Be’s house. Baby Showers are normally held at the home of the hostess but you could think about other venues such as local restaurants or hotels.