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baby shower ABCs

Know Your Baby Shower ABC’s

Know Your Baby Shower ABC’s

Baby shower games are a wonderful way to break up the afternoon. You and your close rooms will share some laughs, break the ice and all the while playing some on theme baby shower classics! Know Your Baby Shower ABC’s is a game we have all played before in some form or another. 

What you need :

  • Give each guest a pen and a lined piece of paper.
  • Make sure all of the letters of the alphabet written down one side.
  • You also need a timer.

How to play :

  • Each guest must come up with a baby related item for each letter of the alphabet. (‘B’ is for ‘baby’ or ‘bottle’ and ‘R’ is for ‘rattle’ or ‘rocking horse’.)
  • They must complete the list within the time frame.
  • Set the timer to one minute, or less if you want to increase the pressure.
  • At the end, who ever has filled the list first with the most relevant baby words wins.

So see how creative your gang gets when it comes to trickier letters such as ‘X’ or ‘Q’! You might even inspire some gift ideas. This game is easy for all to grasp and therefore perfect for a varied age group. Your close ones will adore it.



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