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What’s Mommy Craving?

What’s Mommy Craving?

What’s Mommy Craving?

Pregnancy is a wonderful time with some iconic quirks. From finding some smells bizarre to ‘baby brain’, those expecting feel a lot more than just their tummy growing! One of the most famous symptoms of being pregnant is food cravings. This quick and simple game is amazing for any baby shower.

All you need :



How to play :

Your pregnant friend sits in front of the room and describes all of the unusual food she has been craving. She can’t actually name any of the food and only describe it by colour, taste, etc! The guests will write down what they think each food item is. At the end, who ever has the most correct guesses wins!

So whether your expecting friend is craving pickles with pea nut butter, ice cream with ketchup or coal – play this game and find out! What a great way to get a few laughs and also get to know one another better. You will know what the mom-to-be is craving and maybe even be able to surprise her with a giant tub of the strawberry ice-cream she described!

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