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Tinkle in the Pot

Tinkle in the Pot

Tinkle in the Pot

Baby showers are such a wonderful way to celebrate. There is a new baby on the way and it is time to gather and get excited. A great way to get everyone chatting and laughing is to play a baby shower game. Tinkle in the Pot is a fantastic game that will be sure to get a few giggles too!

The set up :

  • Break the group into teams of three or four people.
  • Have each team line up at the back of the room.
  • Place a jar at the other end of the room for each team.
  • Give each team member a coin.

How to play :

  • Each team must relay race to get the coin into the jar at the end of the room.
  • They must place a coin between their knees and transport it this way.
  • If they drop it, they must go to the back of the line and try again on their next turn.
  • The first team to get all of their coins in their jar wins!

This hilarious game will have your friends waddling from one end of the room to the other. What a super fun way to break the ice at your upcoming baby shower! Your friends will laugh as they see each other trying to angle themselves over the jar to get the coin to pop in. What an amazing game to play at your baby shower. It will be unforgettable.




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