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Find the socks

Find the Socks

Find the Socks

Invite your close ones around to celebrate this magical time. What better way to connect than to play a few baby shower games?! This game will certainly give your guests an insight into what it will be like to be a new mum! Particularly if your expecting friend already has a few little ones already. Gather up your nearest and dearest and play Find the Socks. This quick and simple game is heaps of fun and great practise too.

How to Play :

  • Get your hands on 16 pairs of baby socks.
  • Next, pile them all on the floor.
  • Make sure no pairs are together!
  • Then, set a timer. An egg timer, a stopwatch or alarm on your phone will do.
  • Each guest must take a turn trying to match together as many socks as they can within the time limit of one minute.
  • The person who matches together the most socks wins!

Maybe invite each guest to bring a pair of baby socks? This is a super cute gift idea and your guests will adore browsing through adorable baby socks. Playing a baby shower game like this is a great way to break up the afternoon. It is a fantastic ice breaker and you will all laugh as you try to beat the clock. And, think of the cute little socks you will have at the end of the day for your one on the way!


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