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Top 5 Hospital Bag picks

Top 5 Hospital Bag Items

Top 5 Hospital Bag Items

We’ve been asked a lot lately what is a hospital bag. If you don’t know we are here to help and not only tell you what’s in it. But also tell you our top 5 things you must have.  Many of you can be super prepared and have the hospital bag ready from 30 weeks onwards or the other side of it turning almost 39 weeks and saying ”I better make a start on it”. Either way the last thing we want is for the partner or hubby to end up packing the hospital bag as god knows what will end up on it!!

What is a Hospital Bag

The list of items for your hospital bag can be endless and you can end up bringing the kitchen sink with you as it can be difficult to know what you will need and pop in so many things that are “just in case” such as 20 pairs of baby grows!

During your hospital appointments you will receive a list of what is to go into your hospital bag, this will include all the practicals of what you will need in your hospital bag for you and your baby from your toiletries, nightdresses, dressing gown, slippers, nappies, baby’s first outfit, baby grows etc.

If this is your first time doing a hospital bag or even for the second time round mammies out there we have got you covered with the top 5 items which you may not of know about or even thought of!!

Top 5 Must Have items

We honestly could put together an endless list of items for you to bring with you in your hospital Bag but we have picked the top 5 items which you need to include. These items are all about comfort and the little things to get your through your hospital stay

Big Knickers

If you know you know!! In all seriousness, big underwear will be a god send as after having a baby any little bit of comfort is glorious! Grab yours in Penney’s in the biggest size you can find!

Fluffy Socks

So under rated but Fluffy Socks are going to keep your feet warm during labour and no one tells you your feet will get cold! Also as you are in and out of bed fluffy socks will keep your feet nice and cozy during the night.


Snack snacks and more snacks, everyone’s labour is going to be different you may have a fast labour or a labour which can go on for hours and hours or days in some cases ( you ladies are saints!) Snacks will keep you going during labour but also after having your precious little bundle. For those night time snacks or even to have a little bit of comfort of your favourite biscuit with a cuppa tea, heaven!

Eye Mask and Ear Plugs

I know these are technically two things but you will thank us for including the two. Any little precious moments of sleep you can get while in hospital will be a blessing. Hospitals can be very noisy places with so much going on and bright lights which when you do get a chance to grab a few minutes sleep an eye mask and ear plugs will be your savour

Your Own Pillow

Again keeping with the comfort theme, your own pillow will bring you that little bit of extra comfort during your hospital stay. Sleep is not something which you are going to get much of in hospital lets be realistic about that but the little bit of comfort will certainly help during those night fees.

Hopefully you do get around to doing your Hospital bag and the hubby doesn’t end up packing one for you!! As mentioned the items you can bring with you in your hospital bag are endless but we do hope that our top 5 items do help and are included in your hospital bags

One last tip, don’t forget your flip flops for the shower :0 Check out our gifts for Mummy-to-be’s for lots more ideas for the hospital bag.

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