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What is a Gender Reveal?

What is a Gender Reveal?

What is a Gender Reveal

A gender reveal is an occasion where the gender of an unborn baby is revealed using props such as gender reveal balloons, cannons, smoke or cake. Traditionally blue is revealed for a boy and pink for a girl.

Lockdown Gender Reveals

Gender reveals have become so popular over the past number of years and people can go to extreme levels doing gender reveals and even being hospitalised trying to do alternative and whacky gender reveals. Rest assured we will not be recommending any gender reveals that will land you in hospital!!!

Unlike the slightly more traditional baby shower, a gender reveal can take place in so many different forms to reveal the sex of your baby.

If you want to find out the sex of your baby but want to do a gender reveal, the midwife will write boy or girl on a card and give it to you in a sealed envelope. From there you have so many options of finding out if your precious little arrival is going to be a boy or a girl. Some great options are a Balloon to pop – pink or blue what will it be!,  A Pinata to take all your hormonal emotions out on,  a cake to cut into to reveal pink or blue, who doesn’t love cake! A Confetti Cannon to release and get the virtual party started! There are so many endless options and so many personalised ways which may be

We know that a lot of people still want to do gender reveals but under the current circumstances of lockdown many people are unsure of how they can approach this or where to get started on it. We have some fab ideas and tips for planning a virtual gender reveal and get that all important perfect snap for the gram

Top tips for planning a Virtual Gender Reveal


This might sound very obvious but when planning your Virtual Gender Reveal decide well in advance if you are going to be holding the virtual reveal on Zoom/ Skype/ WhatsApp Video Call, make sure your friends and family you want at the reveal have access to this portal.  Also along this topic be sure you have good internet connection, the last thing you want is to do the big reveal and the internet drops and everyone is left hanging screaming saying “noooooooooooo what is it”


The Sealed Envelope

When arranging the reveal whether it is a Balloon Reveal, Cake Reveal, Confetti Cannon reveal or doing a Sky Dive ( not recommended for pregnant ladies!!) you will need to ensure that the person you give that all important sealed envelope to will keep it to themselves and not let it slip! If your partner/husband is In charge and will take a sneak peak and just tell his mother but its ok because she won’t tell anyone you know they are a no no to be in charge of the envelope!!!!



We know with lockdown everything can feel so much harder to organise but to make your Virtual Gender Reveal is that bit special why not arrange for little decorations to be sent to all the guests such as little party favours with Pink and Blue Dummies, Little Baby bottles and a small bottle of bubbly for everyone to cheers to the reveal. It will be a lovely way for everyone to be involved and excited for the Virtual Gender Reveal!


Pink and Blue Baby grows

If you are arranging the sealed envelope for the Gender Reveal or a Friend/ Sister a cute little tip is buy a little Blue and little Pink Baby grow and give both to your bestie/sister in advance of the reveal. Once the reveal is done it will be something very special for the parents to be to have and will be the baby’s very first baby grow.


Record the Special Moment

With a Virtual Gender Reveal you won’t have family members and friends in the house with you to record the big reveal for you and obviously you and your partner will both want to be involved in the reveal. Have a phone set up beforehand on a tripod and have it ready to record the big reveal. It will be a moment you will always remember and be so special to you finding out if your baby is a boy or a girl and to have that special moment recorded to look back on is everything!


Planning your own

So there you have it, our tips to help and guide you through doing your very own Virtual Gender Reveal and hopefully you pick up some helpful information from it whether you are hosting or attending virtually.  We do hope that our tips do help in making you feel like you have your nearest and dearest with you in doing your Baby Gender Reveal.

One last tip, with Easter not too far away a little pink or blue Easter Egg/ Bubby might be a novel Gender Reveal! And if you are planning a Gender Reveal, don’t forget to check out our Gender Reveal products!

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