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Don't Say Baby

Don’t Say Baby!

If you’re looking for a fun game that will keep everyone on their toes and can go on alongside other games then Don’t Say Baby is the perfect baby shower game for you and your guests.


One of the most frequently said words at a baby shower is ‘baby’…it’s even in the name. And that’s what makes Don’t Say Baby such a great game, because the aim of the game is to not say ‘baby’ or else you lose one of your five pegs.


It’s a great game that starts when everyone arrives and ends when the baby shower is over. It can go on for the full duration of the baby shower. Why not play other games alongside it?


So let’s get into everything you need to know about Don’t Say Baby as a baby shower game.




Aim of this Baby Shower Game:

Don’t say the word ‘baby’ or you lose a peg. Such a simple yet fun game!



What You’ll Need:

  • five clothes pegs per guest



How to Play:

At the beginning of the baby shower everyone is given five clothes pegs that must be clipped onto their clothing. If at any stage during the baby shower someone says the word ‘baby’ then the person who points it out first gets to take a peg off of them and put it on themselves. But everyone needs to be careful! Don’t repeat what the first person said or that’ll make you lose a peg.



Why This Is A Fun Baby Shower Game:

Don’t Say Baby is a great baby shower game that can go on in the background which will make everyone forget that they’re playing it! Get creative and see if you can catch people out by having another game where ‘baby’ might be said. Every time it’s said someone loses a pegs and the person that points it out gains that peg. It’s also great because when someone says ‘baby’, the room will erupt in laughter as someone tries to point it out first and the person that said it will be kicking themselves.



How A Winner Is Decided:

The winner is the person that has the most clothes pegs left at the end of the baby shower. The winner gets a prize.



What Size Group Works Best?:

Whether the baby shower group is a small group or a big one, Don’t Say Baby is perfect for a group of any size. It’s a game that can go on in the background so there is no set number of players.



Why Play This Baby Shower Game?:

Don’t Say Baby is a fantastic game because it brings lots of fun to the baby shower as people forget they’re playing it in the first place. Half an hour could pass before someone says ‘baby’ and they’ll instantly kick themselves as the room kicks up with people trying to point it out first. It’s a game that brings lots of laughs and keeps everyone on their toes.



Don’t Say Baby brings a lot of fun to the baby shower and it’s a really simple game to play. Try it for your own baby shower (Whoops…We said it!)  and it’ll have everyone laughing from start to finish.


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