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Let's Make a Baby

Let’s Make a Baby!

Baby Shower games are great fun and the Let’s Make a Baby game definitely keeps the fun coming. As the name suggests, you’ll be tasked with making the cutest looking baby you can in just 15 minutes, using only play dough. But that’s not the only task because the added pressure of a time limit can leave you with something that looks nothing like a baby and that’s why this game is so much fun!


So let’s get into how the game works and everything you need to be able to play. Here’s our guide on the Let’s Make a Baby baby shower game.

What You’ll Need:

  • lots of colourful play dough
  • stylish paper plates
  • a timer
  • a packet of baby wipes
  • plastic knives


The Aim of this Baby Shower Game:

The aim of the game is to make the cutest looking baby solely out of play dough and if that’s not enough pressure, you’ll have to do it in 15 minutes or under. Use a mix of play dough colours to your advantage as you add eyes, eyebrows, teeth, lips and more. You could even add some nice clothes! The plastic knives will also help you to do some of the finer details. Use the whole 15 minutes and come up with an anatomical masterpiece…or an anatomical disaster! Either way, you’ll have lots of laughs as you all get creative and find out which of the ladies among you are secretly artistic.

You might be asking where the baby wipes come in to the game…well, play dough can leave a scent on your hands so the baby wipes are simply there to wash your hands after using the play dough to get rid of the scent.


How a Winner is Decided in this Baby Shower Game:

After the 15 minutes are up, the mummy-to-be gets to decide who the winner is. Will she go with the most creative idea, or the most accurate idea?


Where to Get the Materials:

  • Get the play dough in any toy shop and even some arts and crafts stores.
  • We have a large range of paper plates available on our online store so check those out.
  • A phone timer will do just fine.
  • You’ll find baby wipes in any good supermarket.
  • You’ll get plastic knives in most supermarkets or maybe even discount stores such as Dealz, EuroGiant or Poundland.


Why Play This Baby Shower Game?:

Let’s Make a Baby is a great baby shower game that will have everyone in fits of laughter with the creations that people come up with.


What Size Group Works Best?:

This baby shower game is suitable for all group sizes but we recommend playing it with a larger group because of the fun that will be had as you look at everyone’s creations and try to contain your laughter at what you and everyone else can come up with.


Try Let’s Make a Baby at your own baby shower and lots of fun will come. It’s a baby shower game that’ll have everyone involved as they have fun while they create either a masterpiece or a something that looks nothing like a baby.

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