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Baby Shower Recall

Baby Shower Recall

Fancy giving your guests a fun brain teaser as a baby shower game? Baby Shower Recall is a fun game that tests your guests’ memory. Each guest gets a quick glance inside a basket full of baby-related items and it’s then taken away. They must then write down as many of the items that they can remember. It’s a simple idea but really effective! So let’s find out everything you need to know about this great game!


The Aim Of This Baby Shower Game:

The aim of Baby Shower Recall is to put some baby items in a basket and let each guest have a brief look inside. Then the basket is taken away and hidden as they try to remember each item they saw and write it down. The person with the most items written wins.


What You’ll Need:

– a large clothes basket or a tray

– up to 20 baby-related items (a list of ideas is below)

– paper for each guest

– pens


How To Play This Baby Shower Game:

Baby Shower Recall is a really easy game to play. Simply walk around the room giving each guest a quick look into the basket that has all of the baby items. Then, hide the basket in another room and the guests will write down each of the items they can remember. The more items there are in the basket, the harder the game will be. The winner is the person with the most correct items written at the end of the game. Extra points for someone if they manage to remember every item in the basket.


What You’ll Need To Do:

All you have to do is place each baby item into the basket before the baby shower begins. Give a piece of paper and a pen to each of the guests for the game. Keep the basket covered until the game begins. Then walk around the room with the basket giving each guest a quick look inside. When everyone has seen inside, hide the basket in another room so nobody can see what’s inside.


Why Play This Game?:

So why should you choose this game? Well, Baby Shower Recall is a fantastic game that tests the guests memory recall as they try to remember each item they saw in the basket. If you want a game that will challenge your guests but is also really fun to play, then Baby Shower Recall is the one for you.


So what are you waiting for? Baby Shower Recall is amazing and it’s a really simple idea. Your guests will love this great game.


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