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Baby Shower Game - Don't Drop The Baby

Don’t Drop The Baby Race

Don’t Drop The Baby Race – Baby Shower Game

Looking for a baby shower game that’ll have everyone laughing while they have a bit of competition between themselves? Well then you’ve found the perfect game! Don’t Drop The Baby is a hilarious baby shower game that is an adult take on the Don’t Drop The Egg game that we all played as children. Yep, there’s a race that involves spoons and eggs. All you’ve got to do is make sure the egg makes it across the finish line on while only holding it in the spoon.


So let’s find out why this baby shower game is so good. Here we go!


Aim Of This Baby Shower Game:

The aim is simple. Hold your egg in your spoon and race with the other guests to see who can cross the finish line first. But drop the egg and you’re out.


Why It’s Fun:

Don’t Drop The Baby is a fun game because it brings a lot of laughter to the group and maybe even a sprinkle of competition. The energy will be high as everyone races with the spoon in hand (with the egg placed on the spoon). While everyone will be too busy concentrating on keeping the egg on the spoon to notice that their concentration faces are coming out, the Mummy to Be, who’s also the judge, can keep an eye on whose tongues come out when they’re concentrating. Great fun for all!


What You Need:

  • an egg for each guest attending
  • a spoon for each guest
  • markers or pens to decorate the eggs
  • ribbon or rope to mark the finish line (optional)


How To Play This Baby Shower Game:

So before the game begins everyone must get creative and decorate the egg to make it look like a baby. A simple smiley face will do but if people want to go further and draw a full body then they can. It’ll add to more laughs if they do. So when everyone is ready to begin they must all stand at the starting point and make sure the egg is on the spoon. They can’t touch the egg with their other hand once the race starts. The Mummy To Be will be the judge and she gets to say “GO!”. That’s when everyone will begin the race and see who gets across the finish line first. Add in one or two obstacles along the way for more fun. We recommend playing this game outdoors because there will be a bit of a mess afterwards.


Why Play This Game?:

Don’t Drop The Baby is a great game that gets everyone full of energy and excitement. So it leads to a great time had by all the guests, especially the Mummy to Be.


What Size Group Works Best?:

This baby shower game will work with groups of all sizes but we recommend 5 to 10 people to make it more fun.



So there it is ladies! Everything you need to know about the fab baby shower game. Enjoy!

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