Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Choosing the right gift for a Baby Shower can be a difficult choice. Do you get something for the baby? Something for Mummy to Be? It’s a hard decision to make but luckily we’re here to help. This is our guide to Baby Shower Gift Ideas.


Heartfelt Gifts

Heartfelt gifts are such a great gift idea because they not only show the thought that went into the gift but also the effort. They can be anything from a personally knitted hat, blanket, cardigan, socks etc, to personalised photo frames waiting for the perfect photo of the little one once it arrives. Mummy to be will really appreciate the thought that went into these gifts and she’ll cherish them.



There can never be enough bedding or blankets for a new baby. Bedding is changed regularly so it definitely helps to have more than you think might be needed. The same goes for blankets. If you know the gender of the baby then it makes it easier to choose colours, but the safest neutral colours are always either white or yellow.


Baby Clothes

Much like the bedding and blankets, there can never be enough baby clothes. The little one might grow quickly, but he or she will need so many spare changes of clothes, and that’s just as a newborn. Buying clothes in different sizes is always a great idea. But again, knowing the gender of the little one would help massively when choosing colours, but always play it safe with whites or yellows if the gender is a surprise.



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The Essentials

Think of everything that would go into a baby bag. Everything from diapers to pacifiers, baby bottles to creams and thermometers. They’ll all be needed once the little one arrives so if you’re stuck for gift ideas then it would be a massive help to the parents if you got some of the essentials that they’ll need for the baby bag.


Baby Books for Mommy

If the little one is Mummy to Be’s first child, then a little helping hand wouldn’t go astray. Baby books can be a massive help in the early stages of parenthood and they are a great idea to give as a baby shower gift. You could also include books that she could read to the little one once it arrives.


Teddies and Toys

What better way to decorate the baby room than with a bunch of teddies and toys for the baby to play with as a toddler. Teddies are always a fantastic idea because they look nice as decor in the baby room. But they can also be great toys to play with in future years. When it comes to toys you could toys for a range of ages. Starting from rattlers all the way up to learning toys. Plenty of things to choose from.


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These are some of our favourite Baby Shower Gift ideas.

They’re all sure to go down well with the mummy to be.


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