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pregnant men tie your shoes

Pregnant Men, Try Tie your Shoes!

Pregnant Men, Try Tie your Shoes!

Baby showers are a wonderful way to get your love ones together to celebrate the coming of a new little baby. Looking for ideas to make yours extremely fun? Well, a baby shower game like this one will have your friends laughing for hours. 

Aim of the Baby Shower Game

The Aim of the game is for the participant to tie their shoes, while seated, without popping the balloon that is under their jumper. Whoever is left with a balloon that is un-popped is the winner of this incredible game! Be prepared to see those men get weirdly competitive! And, if more than one person successfully ties their shoes without popping the balloon – they can try untie them in the same position and start the process over. The fun never ends.

Why it’s fun

It’s an amazing way to get the guys involved! Baby showers can be a mix of women, partners, fathers, brothers, husbands and more! Why not get them to join in on the fun. This is a unique way to create a positive atmosphere at this special time. It is a quirky and unique baby shower game will never be forgotten. So gather your nearest and dearest shout, “Pregnant Men, Try Tie your Shoes!” Shouting this is half the fun.

What you need :

  • A row of chairs
  • Men (wearing shoes with laces preferably!)
  • Balloons

How to play :

  • Gather the men attending the baby shower
  • Arrange the chairs in a row
  • Inflate a number of balloons (The bigger the balloon, the more challenging this will be!)
  • Make sure all the shoes are untied
  • Seat the men in a row of chairs
  • Then, ask the guys to place an inflated balloon under their shirts or jumpers.
  • Now, watch as they struggle to tie their shoelaces without popping that balloon!

Why Play this Game?

The mum-to-be should cry, “Pregnant Men, Try Tie your Shoes!” at the start of the game and this will be sure to get a few laughs. No one goes through life thinking that the day will come when they will make this hilarious command! And, remember to take plenty of pictures and videos of this super funny baby shower game. Your friends will laugh heartily about this moment for years to come. This is a truly unique baby shower game that will never be forgotten. This game is like no other and a lot of your friends will have never tried it before. Maybe you will start a trend!?

What size group works best?

The sky is the limit for this game! Gather as many willing participants as you have chairs and balloons to allow them to participate with. Maybe the last two left with an un-popped balloon can go head to head?! Remove the excess chairs to set the stage for this epic battle.

This totally unique game will go down in the history books. So play Pregnant Men, Try Tie your Shoes! – for the ultimate baby shower lol times.

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