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Baby dec-a-cake

Baby Dec-a-Cake

Baby Dec-a-Cake

Throwing a baby shower is a wonderful experience but it can be a lot to organise. Your friends, family, co-workers and more have come to celebrate your new coming baby. It is a time where absolutely everyone comes together. Babies have this power! Wondering how to entertain people? Also, have you thought about nibbles? Well this game is the answer you were looking for! Make your baby shower game one that will also cover dessert. Baby Dec-a-Cake is a two for one.

Aim of the baby shower game

The aim of the game is to create a bountiful table full of lush cupcakes. It is also to predict who will be the next of your gang to have their own little baby. And, most importantly – the aim is to have fun! This incredible baby shower game is made to help you guests unleash their inner cake decorator.

Why its fun

It is a unique and fun baby shower game yields some delicious results! Hilarious, surprising and delicious – this game has it all. Your friends and family will be reminiscing about it for years to come. And, maybe the little prediction will come true?! We are not sure how effective it is, so maybe warn a few of your friends before they take their first bite!

What you need

  • Pre made cupcakes
  • Piping bags
  • Coloured icing
  • Coloured frosting
  • Chocolate chips
  • Edible cupcake decorations
  • Washable table cloth
  • Small plastic baby

How to play

  • Arrange some cupcakes and all of your cupcake decorating supplies on a table
  • Invite your guests to come and decorate a cupcake
  • Admire your table full of glam cupcakes!
  • Allow each guest to take a cupcake
  • Whoever bites into the cupcake with the plastic baby in it, is going to be the next person to have a baby of their own!

Why play this game

This game is an incredible way to get everyone involved. And, it should yield an impressive supply of delicious looking cupcakes. So, if you don’t want to worry about making a table full of beautiful desserts – this is the game for you. Your friends will do it for you! It is a super personal way for your loved ones to make an imprint on the day. Not to mention it is very funny when someone bites into a cake to discover that they will be next in line

What size group works best

This just depends on how many cupcakes you are willing to make! Any size group from three people or more would be perfect.  If you make a batch of 12 that would be a great start. If you don’t have enough cupcakes, people could double up and decorate a cupcake together. That would be a super cute thing for a couple to do!

So get those piping bags ready! This wonderful baby shower game will have your guests nibbling on their own creations and get a big laugh when they find out who is next in line for a baby of their own.

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