Supermom Tryouts

Are you looking for a baby shower game that challenges you to try to be a Supermom? Then, this is the game for you! Supermom Tryouts is a game that tasks you with being a mommy, looking after the little one while you try to stay on top of the outside world. It’s not always easy, and this game is a fun take on it. We’re here to tell you everything you need to know about this fantastic baby shower game. This is Supermom Tryouts.


So you’re doing work around the house and the phone rings. Instead of hanging up, you instead hold the phone between your ear and shoulder. You then proceed to carry on with your housework. Now, imagine that housework was a baby. A baby that needs fresh diapers, feeding, and cuddling. So, how much harder would that be?


Aim Of This Baby Shower Game:

The aim of Supermom Tryouts is pretty simple. Play the game as if you’re the mom taking care of her baby, but try not to drop the phone from between your ear and shoulder. If the phone drops to the ground, you lose. If you touch the phone with your hands, you also lose. Oh and you’re being timed so be quick!


What You’ll Need:

a toy phone (wouldn’t want a real phone to fall on the ground)

– a baby doll

– diapers

– ten pairs of unmatched socks

– two towels

– a timer


How To Play This Baby Shower Game:

Supermom Tryouts is a really fun challenge. Simply hold the phone between your ear and shoulder and begin. But don’t drop the phone, or touch it with your hands. You can start in any order you wish. If matching the socks will be easiest then start there. Or you could start by changing the baby’s diaper or folding the two towels. The choice is completely yours. But remember, you’re being timed. Whichever of the guests finishes all the jobs the quickest is the winner.


Why Play This Game?:

Supermom Tryouts is a fantastic game for any baby shower. It’s great fun as each guest races against the clock to get each job done as they try to keep the phone between their ear and shoulder. It’s a really difficult game but provides plenty of fun. There will be an amazing atmosphere in the room while the game is being played. Each and every guest will have a great time at the baby shower.



Give Supermom Tryouts a shot if you’re looking for a baby shower game that also provides a challenge for the guests. But be careful, some of the guests may have an advantage in this game. Either way, you’ll all have lots of fun!


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