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baby shower origami flower

Babyshower Origami Flowers

Baby shower Origami  Flowers

Brighten up your Spring or Summer baby shower with these absolutely gorgeous baby shower origami flowers! Easy to make and loads of fun. You and your closest pals could get together to make this during the baby shower, as a fun activity. Or, make them in advance to fill the party space with colourful origami flowers!

How to Make : 

  • Start with a square piece of origami paper
  • Fold the paper into a triangle by folding the bottom corner to the top corner.
  • Make the triangle into a diamond shape by folding the left and right corners to the top.
  • Take the flaps you just folded and fold them outward to the left and right edges of the diamond.
  • Unfold the left side and insert a finger into the pocket of that flap, then push down down.
  • Repeat step 5 for the right side as well so that you have two pushed down sides.
  • Fold the left and right corners down.
  • Fold the left and right triangles in half.
  • Being careful not to crease the paper, bring the left and right sides to face each other and glue them together. And, now you have finished one petal!
  • Make four more of these so that you have five in total. 
  • Glue all the petals you have made together and you are finished!

And now you have it! A big bunch of amazing origami creations. Your friends will love chatting while making these gorgeous paper flowers. And, if you like making your own decorations – you will love our D.I.Y theme.

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