DIY Budget Baby Shower

DIY Budget Baby Shower 

This time can be super expensive for you or your loved one. Gather a few close friends are put together a beautiful baby shower that doesn’t break the bank. There are loads of solutions to spending that will still land you with an utterly adorable shower, you just have to be clever with your cash and think outside of the box!

Location :

This one is a no-brainer. Offer up your home! It is a charming and free venue that you and your nearest and dearest all know and love. Maybe ask someone from your inner circle if you could use there house if it has a spacious garden or similar.

Invitations :

Send your guests some beautiful invites via e-mail! Your environmentally conscious friends will thank you for it. There are heaps of online sites where you can whip up an invite using one of many amazing templates.

Decor :

There are so many amazing DIY decoration ideas out there. Get crafty and spend an hour with a friend or two making some tissue paper bunting or blowing up balloons – you might even find it relaxing! 

Food and Drink :

Caterers!? Pff! Put on that apron and get cooking! Or, if you aren’t the whizz in the kitchen that you would need to be to pull that off – sandwiches are a crowd favourite that everyone will enjoy. Finger food including cocktail sausages, breadsticks and dip are easily swung too! Failing that, a pot luck is a great way to get everyone involved.

Cake :

Have you seen our quick and simple gender reveal cake!? Easy and cheap to make, this cake is a show stopper. A must have at your budget baby shower. Or, maybe ask a guest who loves to bake to bring one of their mouth watering creations?

Games :

Plenty of our incredible baby shower games require only a pen and a paper. Check them out here! There are plenty to choose from that will break the ice between guests who may not know each other that well and ensure that everyone has a great time.

This DIY, budget baby shower is wholesome and fun. You will love getting crafty and saving a bit of money. Your budget baby shower will be absolutely amazing. It is all about who is there and the reason you have all come together to celebrate!