Little Miss Sunshine Theme

Little Miss Sunshine Theme

Welcome a little ball of sunshine into the world with this warm and sunny baby shower theme! Gorgeous golden yellows and oranges will fill your party space with sunshine and happiness. Your guests will have some serious fun in the sun with this dreamy little miss sunshine theme.

Decor :

Bunches of yellow and orange balloons with some sky blue bunting will create that sun filled sky effect. Maybe one these honeycomb decorations would make the perfect sun?! Hang some bunting that reads, ‘You are my Sunshine’. Bunches of sunflowers (real or fake) will really look the part too!

Food :

Bake some sunny sun-shaped biscuits and ice with yellow icing. Complete by adding a little smiley face to create some happy little sunshine snacks. For drinks, maybe set up an adorable lemonade stand. Those lemony yellow colours suit this theme perfectly. Your guests will love a big jug of fresh and fizzy lemonade, served from a classic and cute lemonade stand.

Game :

Guess how many sunny sweets are in the jar! Fill a cute glass mason jar with yellow candies or jelly sweets, (count them up first!). Then, ask your guests to take a guess as to how many are in the jar. The person with the closest guess wins the candy in the jar and a pair of sunny sun glasses!

This amazing baby shower theme is perfect for summer! Looking for more games to play at your little miss sunshine themed baby shower? Check them out here