90s baby shower theme

90s baby shower theme

Who doesn’t love the 90s!? The funky music and the questionable fashion choices are a crowd favourite these days. Maybe the mom-to-be was a kid herself during the 90s!

Invitation :

This amazing invite idea will have you guests rolling around with laughter. Find a picture of your expecting friend when she was a kid, wearing her finest 90s garb, be it cycling shorts and a windbreaker with a Mickey Mouse cap, or a big stripy t-shirt with a bum-bag. Recreate this outfit by finding similar clothes that fit the mom-to-be today! This one is great if there is a group of siblings throwing the baby shower. Dig out the old photo album and get mimicking those outfits and fabulous 90s poses! Send this invite out to all of your friends. What a great way to bring the theme of childhood into the party while keeping is super fun and totally 90s themed!

Decor :

We all know and love the 90s for its aesthetic. Check out these incredible napkins and paper cups! They have that amazing Saved by the Bell vibe that will really set off the 90s theme. Bonus points if you can rustle up a few furbies to dot around the space! Springs or ‘Slinkies’ make great hanging decorations. Simply attach one end to the ceiling and let the spring cascade down.

Food :

Its all about those 90s fads! What would be more perfect for a 90s theme baby shower than a few of those giant, novelty, candy dummies?! These was so popular in school and at birthday parties! The ultimate throw back and bang on theme. These unicorn macarons also scream Lisa Frank, possibly the most 90s aesthetic in the world!

You and your gang will know and love all of those old trends! Why not throw a 90s inspired baby shower theme?! There is plenty to be inspired by. The adorable 90s baby shower theme is ultra cool and a really fun way to welcome a new member into your gang.