Eco friendly baby shower

Eco friendly baby shower 

Being eco friendly is super popular at the moment. Taking responsibility for our environment is the top of everyones list. Usually, parties can create a lot of waste. By making a few simple changes, you can make your baby shower eco friendly and even more adorable! What is cuter than looking after the planet?! Holding an eco friendly baby shower is such a unique and special way to celebrate this wonderful time.

Biodegradable decorations that are made from paper or other recyclable materials are encouraged. Take a few hints and tips from our D.I.Y baby shower theme! Or, these sensational honeycomb decorations can be stored and used again and again. And, they are made from crepe which breaks down really easily when you eventually do throw them out!

If you want to immerse your guests in nature and really get stuck in, why not check out our green thumb theme? You might end up planting some gorgeous flowers or tasty veg. Get yourselves and your guests into the habit of being eco friendly and nature loving at the same time.

Our final tip is to suggest a ban on plastic gifts. Wooden toys, books and other gifts made from recyclable materials are out there! Your guests will give their gifts with a clear conscience that they are protecting the environment.

And that is how to throw an eco friendly baby shower! Gathering your nearest and dearest together to celebrate the coming of a new baby in this way will only increase the positive vibes.