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What's In The Bag?

What’s In The Bag?

You get two things in one when you play a game of ‘What’s in the Bag?’ for your baby shower. Not only do you get a fun guessing game because when everyone arrives to the baby shower they’ll see bags with letters on them, but it also doubles up as some nice decoration for the room and it’ll keep everyone guessing as they wonder what’s in each bag from the second they arrive…all you need to do is make sure nobody has a peek inside.


This is a great game for any baby shower and the guests will have great fun thinking about what’s in each bag, and the big reveal at the end will add even more fun.


So let’s get into how this great baby shower game works. Here’s our take on ‘What’s in the Bag?’.


What You’ll Need:

  • paper bags that can stand by themselves
  • small baby items (socks, bibs, bottles, socks, etc)
  • a black marker
  • paper cards
  • pens


The Aim of the Game:

The aim of this baby shower game is simple; everyone will have to guess what’s in each bag. Each guest will be given a piece of paper and a pen and they must guess what’s in each bag, with only the first letter of each item (which is written on each bag) as a clue.


What You’ll Need to do:

The setup of ‘What’s in the Bag?’ is pretty simple. All you need to do is think of some useful baby items that are small enough to fit into the bags you have and write the first letter of each item on the outside of the bag. Use the bags to spell out the future mummy’s name or to spell out ‘Baby Shower’, or maybe even both! Set the bags up in a nice spot where they’ll be clearly seen. Then they’ll double up as not only a game, but as baby shower decor too!


Where to Get the Materials:

  • Our online store has a large variety of stylish paper bags you could use which would be perfect for this game.
  • You can also find some nice baby gifts in our store which would be just the right size for the bags.
  • The marker, paper and pens could all be found in a good stationery store.


Why Play This Game?:

‘What’s in the Bag?’ is a fantastic baby shower game that doubles up as a form of stylish decoration for the baby shower room. The bags will add some nice decor for everyone to admire when they enter the room and they’ll also add some mystery to the room as everyone is guessing what’s in each bag. It’s a fun baby shower game that’ll have everyone anxious to find out what’s inside each bag from the second they arrive.


This is a fantastic game to play at the baby shower! It adds a level of mystery from the second the guests arrive, while the bags also look stylish and add some nice decor for the guests to appreciate. Play it at your baby shower and your guests will have a fantastic time. 

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