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Diaper Change Relay Race

Diaper Change Relay Race

If you’re trying to think of a baby shower game that’s exciting and will have everyone full of energy while also putting the guests in competition with each other then the Diaper Change Relay Race is the perfect game for your baby shower!


It’s a hilarious game that splits the group into even teams as they race against the other teams to see which team can change the baby’s diapers the quickest.


So let’s get into everything you need to know on how to play the Diaper Change Relay Race game for your baby shower.

Baby Shower Game – Diaper Change Relay Race

Aim of this Baby Shower Game:

Each team must start when the mummy says ‘go!’ and they have to change the baby’s diaper as quickly as possible before they hand the baby to the next person in their team to do it all again.


What You’ll Need:

  • a lot of diapers
  • baby wipes for each team
  • baby powder for each team
  • a baby doll for each team


How to Play:

Set up a long table with each team’s baby changing station. Then, divide the group into 3 or 4 even teams. Include diapers, baby wipes, baby powder and a baby doll (with a diaper already on) in each team’s baby changing station. When the mummy to be says ‘go!’ the first member of each team must begin the diaper changing by taking off the diaper, wiping the baby doll’s butt, applying more baby powder and then putting on a new diaper. When the first member is finished, the second member must then go to the baby changing station and do the same steps, and then the third member and so on. The team that finishes first is the winner.


Why It’s Fun:

The Diaper Change Relay Race is a very fun game for the group to play. It gets everyone excited as they race to see which team can finish first. It’s a race that’ll be full of energy, laughs, and lots of jokes from other team members.


Where To Get The Materials:

  • check out our online store for diaper/nappy cakes (great for decoration at the beginning of the baby shower and can then be used for the game)
  • baby wipes and baby powder can be found in all good supermarkets
  • baby dolls can be found in all toy stores


What Size Group Works Best?:

This baby shower game works best for large baby shower groups that have upwards of 15 to 20 people. The bigger the group, the bigger the teams! The race will be more fun as everyone will be trying to finish their diaper change quicker than the people on the other teams.


Why Play This Baby Shower Game?:

We highly recommend this baby shower game! It’s a game that brings a lot of fun, energy and excitement to the group. It can also get the baby shower fun up to another level. It’ll be great fun for all and it’s also a great way to practice for when the baby arrives.


Give the Diaper Change Relay Race a go for your baby shower and your guests will have lots of laughs. It will get everyone in great moods which will make the baby shower be even better!

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