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What Made The Messy Nappy?

What Made The Messy Nappy?

Are you looking for a baby shower game that will have everyone laughing? Look no further because ‘What Made the Messy Nappy?’ does just that! One downfall though…it might also make people feel a bit sick.


‘What Made the Messy Nappy?’ is a baby shower game that mixes warm chocolate with peanut butter to make a disgusting looking sludge that becomes the contents of the nappies. It’s a fun game that lets everyone know what’s in store when the baby arrives. There are going to be a lot of messy nappies in the near future and this game will prepare the stomach for just that.


‘What Made the Messy Nappy?’ is a hilariously disgusting baby shower game where everyone has to guess which bar made the mess in the baby’s nappy. So let’s get into how to play!


Here’s our guide on this great baby shower game!


Baby Shower Game – What Made The Messy Nappy?

What You’ll Need:

  • a variety of chocolate bars (Mars, Snickers, Twix, Milky Way, etc)
  • peanut butter
  • a microwave or hob
  • up to 5 nappies
  • up to 5 squeaky toys


The Aim of this Baby Shower Game:

The aim of this game is to guess which chocolate bar made the mess in the nappy. The game works best if you divide the group into 4 even groups. The first group will guess what’s in the first nappy, using the squeaky toy as a buzzer as if they’re on a game show. The second group will guess the contents of the second nappy, and so on. At the end you’ll have 4 winners who’ll guess what’s in the final nappy.


What You’ll Need to do:

This one requires some pre-planning because the messy nappies will need to be ready to go before the baby shower begins. Simply melt each chocolate bar separately in the microwave or over a hob and while it’s still warm, scoop the sludge into each nappy. Mix in some peanut butter to change the colour and add some chunky bits to the nappy.


Where to Get the Materials:

  • the chocolate bars and peanut butter can be bought in any shops or supermarkets (buy multi-packs and use the leftover bars as party snacks)
  • the squeaky toys can be found in any toy store
  • the nappies can be found in any supermarket


Why Play This Baby Shower Game?:

‘What Made the Messy Nappy?’ is a hilariously disgusting baby shower game that’ll have everyone wondering if they should be laughing or feeling sick from looking at what’s in each nappy. Watching the guests react to each nappy will also add even more laughs and giggles.


What Size Group Works Best?:

‘What Made the Messy Nappy?’ works best with larger groups because it’s a game that splits the group into smaller groups that’ll go against each other for each round. The larger the group, the more fun will be had when playing this baby shower game.


‘What Made the Messy Nappy?’ is the type of game that everyone will remember and it’ll leave the guests feeling great from laughing but also a little bit sick. Try it for your baby shower and it’ll guarantee a lot of fun.


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