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Place the Pacifier In the Baby's Mouth

Place the Pacifier In the Baby’s Mouth

Place the Pacifier In the Baby’s Mouth

Throwing a baby shower is a wonderful thing. Close friends and family come from far and wide to come and celebrate the coming of a new addition to your family. They may bring a gift or card and will always bring good thoughts and wishes. Your nearest and dearest friends can come and get to know one another. Playing a few baby shower games is a fun way to break up the event! A game like Place the Pacifier In the Baby’s Mouth is a fun take on the classic game Pin the tail on the Donkey. Everyone will know how it goes!

What you need :

  • A large picture of a baby
  • a cardboard cut out of a pacifier
  • a blindfold
  • blue tack

How to play :

  • Hang the large poster of the babies face on the wall.
  • Attach a bit of blue tack to the back of the cardboard cut out of the pacifier.
  • Each guest can take turns wrapping the blindfold around their eyes and spinning around.
  • They then must try to attach the pacifier to the babies mouth.
  • Whoever gets the closest wins!

This amazing baby shower will have your guests dizzy and laughing. Who will master the art of Place the Pacifier In the Baby’s Mouth?! Give it a whirl! This is one baby shower activity that your friends will remember.



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