Old Irish Pregnancy Traditions

Old Irish Pregnancy Traditions

Pregnancy is a beautiful and exciting time where you are patiently awaiting the arrival of someone very special. Did you ever wonder how Irish people prepared for a baby in the past? Check out these old Irish pregnancy traditions. These old customs and beliefs are super interesting.

Wedding Ring Gender Prediction

A mom-to-be could guess the gender of the baby by tying her wedding ring to a string and holding it over her bump. She would then watch how the ring moves. If it moves back and forth, it is a baby girl and if it moves in a circle it is a boy. Try it out and write down the answer, see if it works!


It was believed that if you ate a lot of honey when your were pregnant your baby would have a sweet disposition. Honey has so many other amazing health benefits that this couldn’t hurt!? If you like this idea you might want to check out our Sweet as can Bee theme.

No cats

It was traditional to believe that a having a cat in the house was dangerous. Cats were said to try steal a babies soul. Add that to the list of superstitions about cats. Spooky all year round, not just halloween!

While you might not want to banish your pet cat from the house just yet, you might like the idea of eating a jar of honey or trying out the wedding ring gender prediction. these old Irish traditions are fascinating. Interested in other baby shower traditions around the world? Check out this list here!