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co-ed baby shower ideas

Co-ed baby shower ideas

Co-ed baby shower ideas

The traditional baby shower with gal palz only is great, but maybe you want to include the dad-to-be, or even the whole family! At this special time it is wonderful to have all of the people that love and support you around. 

Family Barbecue

A family barbecue is a crowd favourite! Get a large chefs hat for whoever decides to play chef, or even take turns. A family barbecue like this goes well with a pot luck. Invite your nearest and dearest to bring salads and even a cake to share around. This is a great way to get everyone to chip in and get involved. Its also an amazing way for people to get to know one another by talking about family recipes and food that they love. If you like this idea you will love our rustic theme

Movie Night

Get out that projector and host a movie night for your upcoming baby shower. Scatter beanbags and deck chairs around the garden and project some classic family movies onto a sheet or the side wall of your house. Family favourites such as Shrek, Harry Potter or The Wizard of Oz are fun for all ages. Top off with rounds of popcorn and you are in for a wonderful cosy night. Wait until it gets dark, throw around a few fairy lights and huddle up to watch a film. What a great way to spend time with the ones you love

Gardening party 

If your friends and family love fresh organic food or even just gardening, this green thumb theme is the baby shower for you! A total departure from the girly baby showers that we all know about, this party is one that will get your guests hands dirty potting plants and planting veg. Want to find out more about this amazing co-ed theme? Check it out! 

So, send out those invitations – the more the merrier! Most of these ideas are pretty outdoorsy, who doesn’t love getting out of the house to celebrate with your closest friends?! These amazing co-ed themes that will ensure all of your guests have a great time.

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