Rustic theme

Rustic theme

Want to create a relaxed vibe at your upcoming baby shower? You will love this rustic theme. Perfect for the gang who loves to chill out and really digs that laid back, rustic aesthetic. Perfect for an outdoorsy baby shower, this theme might have your guests taking off their shoes and socks and walking barefoot on the grass.

Decor :

This theme is all about the aesthetic. Anything with tree bark, any plant life would be perfect. Contrast with some bright white table clothes and doilies and you are in for that shabby chic rustic vibe. Natural textures, greens and whites – the colour palette that will make your rustic themed baby shower really hit the spot.

Food and Drink :

Would any rustic themed party be complete without that all important barbecue? Pop some veg and chicken onto a few skewers and get grilling! Whether its burgers and hot dogs or the veggie version, everyone loves a barbecue. To top off this rustic affair, use the barbecue to make some smores. Toast those marshmallows and sandwich them between two biscuits and some chocolate.

Activities : 

Don’t fancy toasting marshmallows on the barbecue? Want to do things the old fashioned way? Light a big ol fire and gather around. Your guests will love sitting side by side under a blanket and watching the fire.

This theme is bang on trend and perfect for a gender neutral baby shower. A sophisticated rustic vibe is perfect for every time of year and a crowd favourite. If your gang love the garden, check out this green thumb baby shower theme!