Nicki Shields is pregnant!

Nicki Shields is pregnant!

Television presenter Nicki Shields has let the world know that she is pregnant with her first child!

Her and husband, financial consultant Mark Sainthill are expecting a bouncing baby boy in June the year. They were so excited that they found out the sex of the baby during their 20 week scan.

Shields is the host of Formula E racing on the BBC, alongside Vernon Kay and plans to return to work in time for season six. Upon finding out that their new baby was going to be a boy, her husband declared, ‘Great, we can get a go-kart!’. Maybe this little baby will grow up to be a Formula E racer himself!? As a huge supporter of women in motorsport, Shields is confident his reaction would have been the same had the baby been a girl.

Working in a male dominated work environment where out of a staff of 170 people only 20 are women, seems like it could be tough, but according to Shields everyone is super excited and considerate. So this week, amongst the chats about cars, technology and drivers – there will be loads of talk in the office about Nicki Shields baby on the way! I wonder if she will get a speedy spin to the hospital in a race car when the baby is coming!? Wouldn’t that be exciting!

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