Guess that Baby Food Game

Gather a few jars of baby food and get stuck in! Have your guests ever tried it before!? Mashed potato and carrots, try what a baby has for his/her dinner! Test your palette and Guess that Baby Food Game. Who will detect a note of mushy peas?! Guess that Baby Food Game is the baby shower game that doubles as an entree! Get a taste for what your new edition will be dining on!

What you need :

  • Several Jars of Baby food
  • Blindfolds
  • Spoons

How to Play :

  • Put a blindfold on guest and hand them a spoon
  • Hand them a jar of your choice
  • Tell them to taste the food and guess what it is!

Who will loose control and be found licking the jar clean!? Guess that Baby Food, but try not to fill up too much on these little meals! Save room for some gorgeous baby shower finger food.

Ideas for food to serve at your Baby Shower can be found here!

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