Celebrity Babies Game

Would you know what Madonna or Britney looked like when they were both tiny tots!? Celebrity Babies have faces we still might recognise! Try and guess who is who from pictures taken before they were famous! Test your skills!! This is a great way to reminisce about old songs and films your guests enjoy. So, here’s how you play the Celebrity Babies Game! 

What you Need :

  • Access to Google or a few old magazines
  • Pictures of celebrities when they were babies!
  • A pen

How to Play :

  • Gather pictures of Celebrity Babies
  • Put pictures in a large bowl
  • Pass around bowl to group and ask guests to choose an image at random
  • Take turns guessing who the baby is
  • Have the answer written on the back

Tip : Choose celebrities that the mom-to-be knows and loves! Her favourite singer or actress. Choose members from the cast of a film you all went to see together!

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