Baby Photos Game

Baby Photos are cute, adorable and often quite funny. Ask your nearest and dearest to bring a couple of photo’s of themselves as babies to your Baby Shower! This Baby Photos game is a wonderful ice-breaker. People are sure to smile as they see their friends as little ones! All the better if there are cousins or siblings that are pictured together!

What you Need :

  • Ask Guests to bring a few baby photos of themselves
  • A large bowl for people to pop the photos into on the way into the party

How to Play :

  • Have everyone sit in a circle and pass around the bowl
  • Everyone should pick out a picture and try to guess who that baby is!

Your friends will laugh while digging through old boxes and photo albums for the party! What is a better excuse to reflect on the past! Tip: Maybe attach each picture to a helium Balloon! Guests will laugh at seeing themselves floating around as a baby. Funny, cute and embarrassing Baby Photos! What better way to get the ball rolling at a Baby Shower!? The dodgy fashion choices will be a hit with the baby photos game!

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