Name that Tune Game

Get creative when planning a Baby Shower for your friend! Have some exciting Baby Shower Games planned! Name that Tune game is one of the best. Gather a group of friends together to celebrate this special time by playing this super fun Baby Shower Game! Take a trip down memory lane and play Name that Tune Game! Nothing beats nostalgia at a time like this!

What you Need :

  • A CD Player, Laptop or any music playing device
  • A Playlist of old songs that you and your gang all know and love
  • Paper and Pens

How to Play :

  • Select each member of your group to play 5 songs each
  • The rest of the group has to guess the name of the song and the year it was released
  • Get the group to write down their guesses
  • Whoever has the most correct answers gets a medal or prize

This game is the ultimate throw back! Pick songs that were released the year you first met the mum-to-be for an utter blast from the past. Use songs that have the word ‘Baby’ in them. Make a playlist and use again for games such as Baby One More Time or Karaoke

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