Baby Bottle Chug it Game

Baby Bottle Chug it Game is one way to see who can chug their non-alcoholic drink the fastest! Have your guests singing ‘Chug! Chug! Chug!’ and laugh the afternoon away. The bottle top, thankfully, prevents spillages! So you won’t have to worry about getting any on your clothes or Baby Shower Sash. Fill your bottle with your favourite soft drink or virgin cocktail and chug it down!

What you Need :

  • Baby Bottles
  • Non-Alcoholic Drink

How to Play :

  • Give each guest a baby bottle
  • Fill baby bottles with a non-alcoholic drink of your choice
  • Ask each guest to chug it!
  • The winner is whoever drinks theirs the fastest!

Tip : Create your own unique non-alcoholic cocktail for the baby shower! Make this Baby Shower stand out by having its own signature non-alcoholic drink. Find out your expecting friends favourite cocktail and make it non-alcoholic! Or, find out her favourite fruit and make a signature smoothie. We also have loads of recipes to choose from here!

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