Feminist Baby Shower

Feminist Baby Shower

The future is female! Gather up your queens to celebrate the coming of a new baby girl boss. What an amazing way to celebrate this time with your nearest and dearest. You are part of a powerful network of strong and inspiring women. Create the perfect atmosphere to welcome your latest member.

Decor :

Think Pink! Pink is the colour of the hour. Pink, glittery, metallic and iridescent would be the perfect palette for this future goddess! Think a futuristic, pink wonderland! Check out this sensational pink balloon arch.

Dress :

Ask your guests to come dressed as a woman from history they are most inspired by. Some may come dressed as Frida Kahlo, Mary Robinson, or even as themselves! Take a polaroid snap of each option and ask them to write the reason why the new baby should be inspired by this figure on the back. Keep the images in a box and give them to her on her 16th birthday – how inspiring!

Cupcakes :

A healthy spread of cupcakes with cute and powerful slogans on them will be a huge hit at this party. “The Future is Female”, “Girl Power” and the feminist symbol would be super effective and totally adorable.

There is going to be a new queen on the scene soon so let her know there is a gang here ready to support her goals! Your fabulous female friends will adore this amazing feminist theme.