Rainbow Theme

Rainbow Theme

A big, bright, beautiful rainbow theme is just the ticket for your baby shower. Those gender neutral rainbow colours are perfect whether you are expecting a little boy or girl. And, this amazing colour palette will look gorgeous in photographs. A Rainbow theme is a timeless and super fun theme to have for your baby shower.


Does anyone have a rhyme to remember the colours of the rainbow? Well, the colours are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet! Stick to this iconic palette and add a few extra bursts of the brighter colours like yellow and orange, to make sure that aesthetic pops! Metallic and iridescent trims would also compliment this theme. Or maybe try out the pastel versions of these colours?!

Table spread

You guessed it! Anything with a rainbow goes. Check out this rainbow shaped donut wall holder! We also have super trendy rainbow plates and cups. Fill your table with anything bright and colourful. Coloured fruit is welcome! But anything you serve on those adorable plates will have the rainbow vibe you are aiming for. Making a rainbow themed cake to have as a yummy centre piece is a great idea!

Other Ideas

Maybe ask guests to come dressed head to toe in their favourite colour from the rainbow! This quirky and fun idea should create some amazing group photos.

And that is how you throw a gorgeous rainbow themed baby shower! What an amazing and memorable way to welcome in a new baby.