Baby Shower Pool Party

Baby Shower Pool Party

Summer is here! Having your baby shower during the Summer months has loads of advantages. Your friends and family may be on holidays from work or school. The sun is shining. The days are longer and the weather is warmer. Why not make the most of these things by throwing a Baby Shower Pool Party!

Location :

This one would work best if you have access to a large garden. If you get your hands on a large inflatable pool for people to dip in and out of this would be great! Make this a family affair by adding a paddling pool for the kids. If you are near a hill, a slip and slide never fails to bring a smile to peoples faces.

Decor :

Make sure there are loads of inflatable donuts and animals to float around on and pose with! Invite your guests to bring their own. You never know what whacky inflatable crocodile or palm tree they may have lurking in their shed from last Summer. Dust them off and break them out. The pictures will be amazing.

Food :

Serve fruity icepops and lemonade. Fruit like strawberries and watermelons scream summer and kids love them too. Ice cream is always a huge hit by the pool. These Ice Cream Cone Cakes won’t even melt!

You and your guests will love wrapping up in a blanket and sitting in the garden with a cup of tea as the sun starts to set. Your Baby Shower Pool Party is going to be one to remember!