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Give your favorite books to baby!

‘Childhood Books’ Game

Give your favorite books to baby! The ‘Give your favorite books to baby!’ game is not only a thoughtful idea but it also allows all the friends and family of the Mum-to-be share with the new baby a favourite story or book from their own childhood. You Will Need: Each of your guests to bring […]


Baby Tray Game

Baby Tray Game A Baby Shower  game is always the best way to get the party started. Sometimes we can have lots of people at the Shower from different parts of the Mummy To Be’s life and a few games gets everyone chatting. The Baby Tray Game is a great game to break the ice […]

Gender reveal game

What’s your Name Game

What’s your Name Game The ‘What’s your Name?’ game is a really funny baby shower game and no matter how hard the guests try, it is impossible not to be caught out! We love this game and like many of our Baby Shower Games, it has a sentimental aspect to it also :0) You will […]

Celeb Babies

Celeb Babies Game

The Celeb Babies baby shower game is a great little game to play at the shower. It will test everyone’s knowledge of celebrity gossip and news. All you have to do is try to identify famous celebrities and their babies You will need: Celebrity photos Pictures of their babies Pen and Paper How To Play: […]

Guess The Baby

Guess The Baby Game

Guess The Baby Game Guess The Baby is a cute and funny baby shower game that everyone will enjoy. You are sure to take a trip down memory lane and have lots of fun. If you are looking for a game to play at the baby shower you have to try this one! What you […]

Blindfolded Nappy Changing

Blindfolded Nappy Changing Game

Blindfolded Nappy Changing Game Blindfolded Nappy Changing is a classic baby shower game! Show off your nappy changing skills (or lack of) all the while laughing your heads off! Sounds fun right? This fab baby shower game is really simple to play. All you need is a blindfold, nappy and a baby doll for each guest. Blindfolds […]

dear baby

Dear Baby Game

Dear Baby Game This baby shower game is so easy and fun to play. Guess the name of the baby, share your ‘words of wisdom’ and more. This game can be played by guests of all ages. So, if the granny is invited, she is sure to have just as much fun as anyone else. […]

Guess Bump Size

Guess Bump Size Game

Guess Bump Size Game Guess Bump Size is a classic game that guests love to play at baby showers. Let us at show you how it’s done. How to play: This baby shower game is pretty simple to play. Hand out a pen and small piece of paper and ask them to write down […]

baby karaoke

Baby Karaoke Game

Baby Karaoke Game Looking for a fun baby shower game to play? Try out Baby Karaoke that will have all the guests singing and laughing their hearts out! To play this game you will need some music and possibly a karaoke machine. If you don’t have access to a karaoke machine, don’t worry. A CD […]

dont say baby

Dont Say Baby Game

Dont Say Baby Game Looking for a great game to play at the baby shower? Dont Say Baby is a simple game that can be enjoyed by all guests on the day. How to play: This game is simple to play. When guests enter the party hand them a necklace each. You can purchase necklaces […]

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