Celeb Babies Game

The Celeb Babies baby shower game is a great little game to play at the shower. It will test everyone’s knowledge of celebrity gossip and news. All you have to do is try to identify famous celebrities and their babies

You will need:

  • Celebrity photos
  • Pictures of their babies
  • Pen and Paper

How To Play:

  1. Find pictures of celebrities and their babies.
  2. Place the pictures on a table.
  3. Each guest needs to match the celebrity pictures with their baby pictures.
  4. You could also add a twist to this game by asking your guests to also match a baby photo of the celebrity to the current photo of the celebrity?

The person that gets the most right wins a prize! A ‘Winner’ cup cake is a lovely DIY prize or a Baby Shower Medal is a fun option. Or if you would like us to have a winners sash custom made for you, drop us an email on sales@babyshower.ie :0)