What’s your Name Game

What’s your Name Game

The ‘What’s your Name?’ game is a really funny baby shower game and no matter how hard the guests try, it is impossible not to be caught out! We love this game and like many of our Baby Shower Games, it has a sentimental aspect to it also :0)

You will need:

How To Play:

  1. Each guest gets a name tag that has a baby name written on it – using the top Irish Names is a fun way to do this if you need inspiration
  2. During the shower, everyone must call other people by their new baby name rather than their real name.
  3. Whoever calls the person by their real name instead of the baby name has to put a coin in the piggy bank.
  4. At the end give the Piggy Bank to the Mummy To BE

Isn’t this a gorgous idea?! Mummy To Be can use it to spoil herself or use it for the baby. And then use the piggy bank as the babies first piggy bank. We just love this game