What’s your Name?

What’s your Name?

Every Baby Shower should have a baby shower game. It’s a fantastic way to get everyone in a giddy mood ahead of a fantastic baby shower activity. The ‘What’s your Name?’ game is sure to do that and may cost one or two people a penny or two if they forget the rules.

You will need: Name Tags & a Piggy Bank.

How To Play:  This baby shower game is so easy to play. Each guest gets a name tag that has a baby name on it & during the shower, everyone must call other people by their new baby name rather than their real name.  Sounds so simple right? But, whoever calls the person by their real name instead of the baby name has to put €1.00 on the piggy bank.  Let’s hope you have a good memory and don’t get yourself into too much debt.

Of course, the mum to be gets the piggy bank at the end of the shower! She can use it to spoil her little bundle of joy after they arrive! And then use the piggy bank as the babies first piggy bank!

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