V.I.P Baby Shower

V.I.P Baby Shower

Having an intimate affair for your baby shower is becoming more and more popular. Your nearest and dearest are the most important people in your life. Make this time all about celebrating with those closest to you.

There are many benefits to hosting a party for a smaller group. Going out for dinner is a more feasible. A table for 5 or 6 can be easily booked. Activities are easier to organise. The group may be more willing to splurge on a Spa day. It is less hassle!

If this group of 5 or 6 includes the siblings of your expecting best friend and your life long school friends – maybe ask everyone to chip in for a very decent baby shower present? A stroller would be perfect.

To make this event even more private and personal, maybe limit picture taking to old school disposable cameras! Social media is a huge distraction these days. This way, memories are kept to each individual rather than shared with their extended social network. Make this party all about being exclusive!

Celebrities are opting for intimate ceremonies these days. Whether it is a baby shower, wedding or birthday party. It is super chic to keep things low key, under the radar, intimate and personal. So throw your expecting best friend an intimate baby shower where all the V.I.P’s are there! It will be classy, easy to organise and something to remember.