Bubble Baby Shower

Bubble Baby Shower

Baby showers are such a wonderful time. You and your loves ones gather to celebrate the coming of a new baby. It is a time to talk about what you are all excited about and bring a few presents for the mom-to-be. Looking for a way to make this amazing day even more fun?

Why not make that upcoming baby shower all about the bubbles! A bubble machine is not difficult to come by these days. They are super effective and relatively inexpensive. Just fill it with the bubble making liquid, turn it on and see the results.

Kids love bubbles so this theme will be a winner if you have a little ones running around. Maybe a few bubble guns will make this day extra special for them. And, the best thing about bubbles is that there is no clean up! Especially if you have this extra special soiree in the garden.

Just think of the photos! Bubbles look great in pictures. Your nearest and dearest will have a field day on their social media. Think of the pictures of a sunny garden with bubbles bouncing through the air.

So gather your loves ones and have a lovely bubbly themed baby shower! Polish things off with a few glasses of bubble virgin mocktails to keep the bubble theme going. Check out our recipes here!

This is a simple and effective idea will make any baby shower extra fun. Everyone loves bubbles!