Top 20 Vintage Baby Names

Top 20 Vintage Baby Names

Expecting a new-born and wanting to pick a name that’s slightly different to the old run of the mill name? I have put together my top vintage names to give you some inspiration!

Vintage names are popular these days for new-borns and in particular girls. Vintage names are becoming the new trend. There is just something about a have a vintage isnpired name, it ads a touch of class and style, it will make your child stand out but not in a bad way.

Generally vintage names have a beautiful story and draw on inspiration from areas such as royalty or biblical sources.

Here is my list of Top 20 vintage baby names.

Top 10 Vintage Girls Names

  1. Amelia
  2. Sylvia
  3. Matilda
  4. Lillian
  5. Eliza
  6. Arabella
  7. Florence
  8. Ivy
  9. Millie
  10. Olivia

Top 10 Vintage Boys Names

  1. Abraham
  2. Benjamin
  3. Arthur
  4. Dale
  5. Felix
  6. Noah
  7. Leo
  8. Henry
  9. Charles
  10. Vincent

If you are thinking of having a vintage style name, then why not host a vintage themed baby shower before the little bundle of joy comes along!

If any of the above names were lucky enough to be picked by you, make sure to contact me as I would love to know xx