The Price is Right Game

The Price is Right Game is a fun and entertaining game for a Baby Shower. It doesn’t need a lot of prep which is perfect for a busy Mummy planning the shower!

What you need

  • A selection of baby toiletries from your local supermarket
  • A tray
  • Pen and Paper for everyone at the Baby Shower

How to Play

  1. Before the shower buy some baby toiletries from your local shop. Maybe some baby shampoo, nappies, a jar of baby food, baby talc and a few other bits. Keep the receipt!
  2. Just before the baby shower arrange all the items on the tray
  3. As the guest to guess how much each item costs and write on a piece of paper
  4. The person that gets the most right wins a prize!
  5. The differences in what people will guess will be the biggest giggle of all :0)

This is a lovely fun game and guaranteed to get everyone at the baby shower chatting and laughing. Team with one of our winner medals for an extra giggle


Baby Shower Game
Baby Shower Game