One For The Dad’s: Preparing The Nursery

One For The Dad’s: Preparing The Nursery

So you are a few months in to your pregnancy and starting to plan and prepare to get yourself on top of things. You’re reading books on how to be the perfect mother, your body is changing and your sorting out the maternity leave at work. There is plenty for things for you (Mummy-to-be) to sort out. But what about Daddy-to-be? Is he looking for something to do and help out with? Well ladies, here is One For The Dad’s: Preparing The Nursery.

Prepping the nursery for your little bundle of joy is the perfect way for Dad to bond with the baby. Getting this started early is strongly recommended as it can get quite hectic as the time goes on!

Just think about it… stuffed teddy bears on the shelf, 

We have 5 Tips for you and Dad to decide on together and then he can get started on putting it all together.

Furniture Needed

One For The Dad's: Preparing The Nursery

Also remember, you shouldn’t be lifting heavy things, so Daddy may be on his own for this one… But he will need a good supervisor!

Set Up The Monitor

So get Daddy to source and buy a reliable and clear baby monitor and set up in a safe space next to the crib.

Pick a Theme / Color

One For The Dad's: Preparing The Nursery



Setting Up The Baby Changing Area

If you are having a Baby Shower, some friends generally give baby bits and bobs to help out when the baby is born. These will come in handy here!

Little Details

One For The Dad's: Preparing The NurserySo all those last little details that make the space extra special. I recommend purchasing black out curtains or blinds (you will thank me later!), even nice pictures on the wall, colorful posters, the nice teddy’s.

One thing I got recommended but only after my last little one was buy a cheap little bluetooth speaker to put into the room. When changing time comes you can play some relaxing music or even if there is certain sounds or music that relaxes them you can play for them during nap times.


I hope the planning goes easy for you both and we would love to see your nursery pictures or any little tips and inspiration that you have so we can share with our other Mummy and Daddy’s. xx