Names for babies born in Summer

Names for Babies Born in Summer

Summer is coming and your new baby is coming too! Looking for ideas of what to name your new little ray of sunshine? Look no further. Below is a list of the most amazing Summer themed names for boys and girls.

Girls :


This gorgeous name is an absolutely classic. People will think of sunny weather and holidays when they meet your little girl.


Name your baby girl after the month she was born. This month is super special now, why not celebrate it! You may be in store for some month long birthday celebrations in her teens.


Daisy is such an adorable and classic name. Everyone will be reminded of a sweet little daisy flower when they learn your new baby girl’s name.

Boys :


August is a solid Summer name for a boy. The warmest of the Summer / Autumn months, August brings to mind the rich oranges of the end of Summer and the start of the new season.


Julian comes from the word ‘July’. July is the peak of the Summer and full of energy and excitement, so it is perfect if your little boy is to be born in this month.


Name your little boy Leo after the Leo start sign. A lot of babies born during the Summer months are Leos. Celebrate their astrological sign with this strong and beautiful name.

So whether you are having an adorable Daisy or lovely little Leo, name your baby something that reminds you of this very special Summer time. They will remind everyone they are introduced to of Summer sunshine for the rest of their lives! Not bad, eh? Check out these amazing themes for Summer baby showers!