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Top five baby shower games for Irish mums-to-be

Top five baby shower games for Irish mums

Top five baby shower games for Irish mums

1. Guessing the size of Mum’s bump

This is a bit of fun really and could last till eternity if the whole parish is invited to the Baby Shower. As the guests arrive the host should have a ball of twine or maybe a ball of wool at hand. Also required will be a pair of sharp scissors. Hand each guest the twine and scissors and get them to guess the size of Mum’s bump and determine that by cutting a length of string. When all ladies have arrived and cut their pieces of string, the competition begins. Everyone in turn puts the string around the Mum’s bump and the closest wins the prize. Don’t forget to have a few baby shower prizes at the ready.

Actually, model Abbey Clancy, wife of professional footballer Peter Couch, played this game at her last baby shower!

2. Bobbing for nipples

Get a big deepish plastic dish and scatter a load of nipples (sometimes referred to as teats) from baby bottles into the water. Each guest at the baby shower is required to kneel on the floor, put their head into the bowl and grab as many nipples as possible in a set time frame. Let’s say two minute. Not an easy task but great fun at a baby shower. Don’t forget the prize fund.

3. Don’t say “Baby”

For this baby shower activity the host will need a l nappy pins, “one for everyone in the audience”, as Ryan Tubridy would say. No one can say “Baby” for the evening. Anyone forgetting and blurting out forfeits their pin the person who hears the word and first to shout “Pin”

At the end of the party the person with most pins clipped to their shirt is the winner. Don’t forget the smarties Mum.

4. Baby Picasso

All the pretend artists will be exposed in this Baby shower activity. The host will need a packet of paper plates. Oh yes and a pack of coloured pencils or markers to go with each plate; the object of the game is to imagine what the baby looks like and draw the baby’s face on the plate. This can become really funny if a time limit is put on this baby shower competition. Let the Mum-to –be, decide on the winner.

5. Pee Pot.

This is great fun for the ladies and hilarious at a Baby shower. All you need is balloons, coins and a glass jar.

Inflate the balloons. Each lady puts it up her jumper to make her look pregnant. It also means that she can’t really see straight down. Balloon in place, she holds the coin between her knees and then crosses the room, stands over the glass jar. The Jar is out of her sight line because of the balloon as she tries to drop the coin into the container.

6. Breaking waters

This is the outdoor baby shower equivalent of number five.

Again it involves balloons but instead of filling them with air, they are filled with water. All ladies hold a balloon each between their knees and as quickly as possible cross the lawn. The trick is not to drop or burst the balloon while doing this task. It can get messy but it’s one of our most popular baby shower games.

These games are sure to be a hit at your upcoming baby shower! What a great way to break the ice and keep everyone entertained with the top five baby shower games for Irish mums

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