Health and Wellness Baby Shower

Health and Wellness Baby Shower

Pregnancy can be stressful. There is a new bundle of joy on the way and whether it is your expecting friend’s first or fifth baby, there is plenty that needs to be organised! Also, depending on how far along she is – feet could be getting sore and there could be some general aches and pains. Why not create a soothing atmosphere for the mom-to-be by throwing her a health and wellness baby shower?

When we say Health and Wellness, we don’t necessarily mean kale! We mean some stunning aromatherapy scents, a herbal tea bar and some fun group yoga. So go out and get your hands on some fresh lavender and see your gang benefit from this baby shower as much as the mom-to-be!

It is amazing how much scent can influence our mood. But a few drops of camomile or eucalyptus essential oil into air vaporiser and see the vibe of the room transform. Pick a scent that your expecting friend vibes with at this time!

Get a selection of herbal teas and allow your friends to sample them all. They might end up leaving with a new favourite! Be sure to pop it in their party favour bag.

Why not make your own organic face masks? Ingredients like honey and oatmeal are naturally antibacterial and exfoliating. Your skin will feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian have really jumped on this trend. Check out how Kim celebrated the coming of her fourth baby here!