Baby Sprinkle

Baby Sprinkle

Ever heard of a Baby Sprinkle? This stripped back, minimal approach to a baby shower is sometimes opted by Mums who are delivering there third or fourth child. There is an air of ‘been there, done that!’ with all of the frills. This time is super special and deserves to be celebrated. Why not strip the festivities back to what really matters!? A baby sprinkle is a no fuss baby shower with all of the charm of a baby shower and none of the mess!


This is definitely one for the family home or garden! A humble and wholesome visit by friends will be something to look forward to and nothing to panic over. If it is sunny, grab a few chairs and cushions and head out in the back garden. Sit with a nice cup of tea o hot chocolate and catch up! Maybe they can bring kids of their own to mingle with yours.


A potluck here is key! Or maybe just a simple, solid Victoria sponge that can be sliced and passed around on napkins. Less is more when it comes to a baby sprinkle and we want to avoid big clean ups. Still, your baby sprinkle doesn’t have to lack any touch of glam. These beautiful floral napkins would be ideal for sharing slices of whatever sweet treat you whip up.

So throw a Baby Sprinkle instead of a full on baby shower and take it easy. No one is waiting to be impressed! It will be wonderful to catch up with you close friends and relatives at this very special time. Thats what matters the most.